Before writing for television, I was a stand-up comedian and corporate MC. And before *that*, I was an academic. I've also been a comedy improvisor (and improv trainer), a live comedy producer and an instructional designer.

All those careers add up to an awful lot of experience in researching ideas, organising information, and then communicating that information in a fun and interactive way.

And, of course, I'm pretty knowledgeable in:

As a corporate trainer, my previous clients have included AMP and Animal Logic. As an academic, I've taught at the University of Sydney (English and Media Studies), UTS (Digital and Communication) and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (Story & Writing, Screen Business, Screen Studies & Interactive).

At the latter institution, I have also worked as a course leader, which involved helping develop and deliver critical documents like the syllabus and course outline (for Story & Writing, BA Year 3), lesson plans and lectures.

If you are looking for a corporate trainer for your workplace, or simply need an entertaining guest speaker for your event, please use the contact form to send me a message.