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Dave Bloustien

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Okay, so I did design this one, and to be honest, I'm pretty happy with it. But this site is more about what I can do to make you happy.

Scroll down through this column to learn more.

Working contact form, portfolio gallery and my CV etc. to come in the next week or so.

And thanks for hanging out. It's nice to see you.

(Heads up - this site is under construction and still hasn't been optimised for mobile. I know! Sorry).

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I've worked on AWGIE-winning TV comedy shows, and quiz and light entertainment shows, animation, interactive or immersive experiences and sketch comedy.

I've also written flash fiction, role playing games, corporate social posts, a tonne of training programs, feature films, a VR360 short film, a nationally short-listed sitcom pilot and a PhD.

My first loves are comedy, horror, animation and science fiction, but I'll try my hand at any project you have (I also have a few of my own, if you'd like to hear about them).

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So, I guess I am a designer. Just not for websites.

I love making stuff, and I've been lucky enough that people have paid me make things for them.

I started making posters and promotional material when I was a stand-up comedian, but I was cartooning and graphic designing long before then.

Currently, I make games and interactive learning experiences at Savv-e eLearning (including the odd bit of character design and graphical or audio work, although that's not the focus of my job there).

If you'd like to know more about that, head over to Savv-e.com.au.

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As a former comedian and (currently lapsed) academic, I love explaining things.

I've taught literature, media, game design and screenwriting at some of the top institutions in Australia, including Sydney University, UTS and AFTRS, where I also lectured.

In my work at Savv-e, I've written interactive training courses in topics as diverse as money laundering, cyber security, asset management, conflict de-escalation and surf life saving.

Along the way, I've trained keen beans and corporate types in improvisation, story structure and joke writing, including training sessions at AMP and Animal Logic.

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